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FuryX Gaming/Office Desk with RGB Full size Mousepad-Cozyer AustraliaFuryX Gaming/Office Desk with RGB Full size Mousepad-Cozyer Australia
FuryX Gaming/Office Desk with RGB Full size Mousepad
Sale price$300.00 Regular price$400.00
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Unigamer RGB Gaming Desk-Cozyer AustraliaUnigamer RGB Gaming Desk-Cozyer Australia
Unigamer RGB Gaming Desk
Sale price$333.00 Regular price$444.00
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GalaX Hero RGB LED 1.5m Gaming Desk-Cozyer AustraliaGalaX Hero RGB LED 1.5m Gaming Desk-Cozyer Australia
GalaX Hero RGB LED 1.5m Gaming Desk
Sale price$500.00 Regular price$667.00
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Lazi Gaming/Office Desk-Cozyer AustraliaLazi Gaming/Office Desk-Cozyer Australia
Lazi Gaming/Office Desk
Sale price$173.00 Regular price$230.00
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Sega Gaming/Office Desk-Cozyer AustraliaSega Gaming/Office Desk-Cozyer Australia
Sega Gaming/Office Desk
Sale price$350.00 Regular price$466.00
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Gary Office/Gaming Desk-Cozyer AustraliaGary Office/Gaming Desk-Cozyer Australia
Gary Office/Gaming Desk
Sale price$294.00 Regular price$392.00

Setup The Atmosphere for Action

Enjoy the heights of the action in your gaming sessions, with a great carbon fiber textured tabletop that doesn’t get in the way. There’s plenty of space! Through the painstaking attention of crafters who are also gamers, we’ve mastered the details in the shape and dimensions of our gaming desk table tops. 

Perfected with rounded edges so that you don’t find any harm or convenience with your movements. With clever leg design to help create less interruption for leg room, cables or your gaming PC tower. Along with a wide spanning tabletop area that's perfect for 1, 2 or 3 monitors. Even our cheap gaming desks offer the ideal ambiance to really forge a RGB gaming environment.


Efficient Space Saving Design

There’s a lot to love about our gaming desks at Cozyer, with excellent space management. They’re the ultimate gaming battle station.

The black and coloured edge profiles, RGB LED lighting and cup holders also make these desks a favoured desk for office workers that love computer desks with a smart sci-fi design.

  • Gaming office desks with smart modern comfort
  • Rounded edge and corner design
  • Sleek and sexy with RGB lighting and a carbon fiber finish
  • Easily accommodates any gaming chair or office chair
  • Models with headphone hook, cup holder, and built-in cable management system

They’re like the sports cars of computer desks, fitted into your very own home office!

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